Tom Mahoney

Tom Mahoney

Hometown: Tampa Florida

Birth Date: August 11 1958

Favorite Bait: 6" Ace Stick-bait

Favorite Place to Fish: Lake Kissimmee

Personal Quote: "Always make time to go fishing. You’ll never regret it!"

Fishin Tip: Pay attention to the details. They can turn an average day into a spectacular one. And no matter what the end of the day brings, just have fun.

Current Tours Fished: Florida B.A.S.S. Nation, Bay Area Bassmasters, Tampa Bay Junior Bass Club (captain and mentor), B.A.S.S. Nation Team Series, and various other opens throughout Florida.

Number of Years: 28

Career Highlight: Serving as State President for the Florida B.A.S.S. Nation and as president of the worlds largest B.A.S.S. club since it’s inception in 2003, Bay Area Bassmasters.

Largest Catch 1 Day: 28.85 pounds in Kissimmee

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