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The Evolution Of A Species – Introducing The Power-Pole® Drift Paddle - Jun 20, 2012

Power-Pole moves into deep water.

TAMPA, FL – JL Marine Systems, Inc. introduces a more evolved solution for drift fishing, the Power-Pole Drift Paddle. No matter where you go around the country anglers have to deal with windy conditions on the water. One of the most common ways to slow down your boat is with the use of the age-old drift sock. Unfortunately, as effective as the sock may be it's primitive design is messy and difficult to work with, course corrections are not accurate, retrieval is backbreaking work and storing a wet sock on board means extra cleaning and hassle. Surely there's a better way to achieve the accurate drift speed and direction without the hard work and wet mess.

Fast forward the evolutionary clock of technology to today's Power-Pole shallow water anchor, the advanced hydraulic anchor system that's famous for boat control is changing the world of fresh and salt water fishing again. By adding the Power-Pole Drift Paddle accessory, suddenly there is drift control and accuracy that anglers have only dreamed about. It's a whole new species of deep-water control.

The Power-Pole Drift Paddle comes with all the hardware to easily install on any 8' or 10' Power-Pole anchor at the dock or on the water. It features seven quick-change locking positions to give you complete and easy course correction. The Drift Paddle enables you to change the bow angle from port to starboard. It slows the boat up to 50% and because it attaches to the Power-Pole anchor you can slow the boat at the touch of a button while you continue to cast without interruption. At the end of a drift simply retract the Power-Pole, which lifts the Drift Paddle completely out of the water, then motor back to your start position, deploy the paddle and make another pass. It also allows you to dramatically shorten the turning radius of your boat so you can follow contour lines more tightly and work a zone more effectively. Best of all, the Drift Paddle works perfectly with your main motor giving you speed reduction so precise and effective you may not need that kicker motor at all.

The Power-Pole Drift Paddle is made from UV stable material giving it long life. The paddle also flexes with the Power-Pole spike so they flow and work together perfectly. They also reduce boat rocking to give you even more stability in heavy wind. And on top of all this, it still allows you to effectively use the Power-Pole for anchoring in shallow water even with the Drift Paddle installed.

For the ultimate in boat control use dual Power-Pole anchors and Drift Paddles, it's like your whole boat evolved into a new species of predator. For more information on the complete line of Power-Pole shallow water anchors and accessories, go to power-pole.com

About JL Marine System Inc.

JL Marine Systems Inc. is the Tampa, Florida-based manufacturer of the Power-Pole, a shallow water anchor system for all small skiffs, bass boats, flats boats, bay boats and more. Power-Pole is distributed via more than 1500 dealerships throughout the US. Visit www.power-pole.com/JLMarine/Dealers/FindADealer to find a local dealer.