Our Story

John Oliverio is the brainpower behind the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor. Literally fishing all his life, it took a real angler to design the next generation of boat control technology. With a background in computer science, and mechanical engineering, driven by a passion for fishing and a love of the outdoors, John conceived the Power-Pole concept in 1998 while fishing with this best fishing buddy, Sweet Lady Vidalia, his water-loving yellow Labrador.

“As a flats fisherman I was always frustrated that as soon as I spotted the fish and got my boat in position, by the time I stopped the boat with an anchor or push pole, the fish were gone. I wanted something I could lower from anywhere on the boat without taking my eye off the fish. “

Since their introduction, Power-Pole anchors have changed fishing forever. Inspired by the craftsmanship and beauty of a fine fly reel, Power-Pole anchors feature the most sophisticated design and technology that JL Marine Systems has to offer. Power-Pole anchors are proudly made in the USA in Tampa, Florida and are available through over 3500 dealers, retailers and boat manufacturers, with some manufacturers offering boats models that feature Power-Pole anchors as standard equipment.

Over and above all this, John has put his heart and soul into the product that he truly believed would change the way he fishes - and everyone else.

“But I didn't bring this company to the level of success we enjoy today all by myself, it's been with the efforts of everyone in the company. We've worked hard - together - to make Power-Pole anchors a true leader in the marine industry.”