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Chris Lane Reels In the Bassmaster Classic Championship for Power-Pole - Feb 29, 2012

TAMPA, FL – For the past five years Pro Angler Chis Lane has worn the Power-Pole logo across his chest. And last Sunday Chris Lane became the Bassmaster Champion with Power-Pole still front and center on his jersey.

Chris is on a roll in 2012, he recently won the Southern Open at the Harris Chain of Lakes in January and now the Bassmaster Classic. With a three-day total of 51 lbs., 4 oz. Chris won his first classic by 3 lbs. How did he make such an impressive catch?

I'll never again second-guess a decision I make when fishing," said Lane. "I listened to what my instincts told me to do, and it was right.

Chris also didn't hesitate to credit a big part of his victory to his dual Power-Pole Blade Edition shallow water anchors. One of the moments I will always remember during the second day of the classic is when I had a bite but missed the fish, I was able to stop and position my boat by putting down my new 10ft Power-Pole Blades, make a few more casts and caught a 5 pounder which was one of the keys to winning the Classic.

Chris Lane and Power-Pole are definitely a winning combination. Power-Pole is the original shallow water anchor, preferred by Pro Anglers and now it's the preferred anchor of Champions.

We're proud to have Chris Lane as part of the Power-Pole family," said JL Marine Systems, Inc. President, John Oliverio. "I hope together we can continue to bring home the tournament wins."

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