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Down Time presented by Power-Pole: Pontoon fishing at Disney

By Power-Pole staff 1 years ago 2305 Views No comments

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors are standard additions on many of the flashy, go-fast boats of famous fishing-industry professionals — and they’re commonly spotted in the winner’s circle of major fishing tournaments. Sure, Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors have their righteous place among esteemed charter captains, famous fishermen and respected anglers, but they do also have a humble side.

Power-Poles and Striped Bass

By Power-Pole 1 years ago 2516 Views No comments

While Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors are nearly standard additions for Southern boating anglers, fishermen in the Northeast are also catching on to their myriad benefits.

Power-Pole Anglers Dominate 2018 Tournament Season

By Power-Pole 2 years ago 3541 Views No comments

2018 was an amazing year for Team Power-Pole — and the tournament anglers who chose Power-Pole shallow water anchors and accessories for total boat control.

Trophy Winter Seatrout Tactics

By Power-Pole 2 years ago 1544 Views No comments

Wintertime in Florida means spiketooths with attitudes are on the prowl. Captain C.A. Richardson rides Tampa Bay’s waters searching out trophy-caliber seatrout.

Winter Redfish Tactics With Captain Fred Myers

By Power-Pole 2 years ago 1351 Views 1 comment

The only angler to win three IFA championships, longtime Power-Pole ambassador Captain Fred Myers regularly plies the waters of West Bay and St. Andrews Bay in the Panama City, Florida, area for redfish during the winter months — but cold water conditions demand a change in tactics.

Cold-Water Bass Tactics with Cory Johnston

By Power-Pole 2 years ago 5125 Views No comments

B.A.S.S. / FLW angler and Power-Pole ambassador Cory Johnston dives into targeting smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass during cold-water months.

Soner Euro Cup Recap

By Power-Pole 2 years ago 1161 Views No comments

Power-Pole is certainly going global in a big way. Power-Pole’s Casey Carpenter and Lenny Gurvich represented Power-Pole at the Soner Euro Cup at Lake Cigara in Spain — and what a trip it was! The 125 boats that entered the contest hailed from all over Europe, coming from Poland, France, Russia, Romania and other European countries to descend upon Lake Cigara, which lies about 2.5 hours southwest of Madrid. The anglers were targeting black bass, a type of largemouth bass, but with the same exact fighting capacity.

Angler Profile – Dean Rojas

By Power-Pole 2 years ago 1672 Views No comments

Dean Rojas is no stranger to the Bassmaster circuit. The Arizona native has been competing in Bassmaster contests for over 20 years, amassing impressive distinctions including four title wins, while also holding the world record for combination of five largest bass in any Bassmaster tournament at 45 pounds, 2 ounces.

Power-Pole Drift Paddle - Crappie Tactics With Travis Bunting

By Power-Pole 2 years ago 3585 Views No comments

Power-Pole Drift Paddles are a valuable tool for taking control of boats in saltwater fishing situations, but they also have extremely practical applications when fishing freshwater systems — and nobody knows this better than Travis Bunting, a three-time national Crappie Masters champion, Power-Pole Pro Staff Member and owner of Muddy Water Baits.