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NPFC Tournament heads into final month with Power-Pole giveaway

By J. Scott Butherus 1 years ago 2388 Views No comments

With over 2,000 fish registered across 27 states, the inaugural National Pediatric Cancer Foundation's All-American Fishing Tournament has already been a great success. With just over a month left before the tournament ends on Sep. 28, there is still plenty of time to land the trophy fish that could send you to the top of the digital leaderboard.

Down Time presented by Power-Pole: Fishing for a Cure

By J. Scott Butherus 1 years ago 12004 Views No comments

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors has partnered with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation to raise funds for childhood cancer research and awareness through its All-American Fishing Tournament. The Power-Pole media team, including Bryan and Greg Watts, ventured out into Tampa Bay to look for big bull reds and give some pointers to help competitors climb the leaderboard while defeating childhood cancer.

Power-Pole partners with NPCF to cure cancer one cast at a time

By J. Scott Butherus 1 years ago 5632 Views No comments

Apr 3, 2019 10:22:30 PM

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors is proud to partner with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation for the 2019 NPCF All-American Fishing Tournament, a nationwide tournament to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research.