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“I’m bringing 100 percent momentum into the Classic,” he says. “My usual goal is to win one event a year, and we got that behind us. Now I can set the goal to win two or even three events for the rest of the year, and the Classic is definitely on my list.”

Lane offers up three tips on prepping gear for the big-stakes Classic:

1. “Always bring the right rod and reel combos — and that means covering all possibilities when you want to change up tactics,” he says. “I’ll stack reels with gearing from 5.4 to 8.1 and a wide quiver of rod sizes and actions. You don’t want to be undergunned or looking for a rod you didn’t bring with you.”

2. “Bring what it takes to win the Classic, and that means leaving the little stuff at home,” he says. “I’ll pack the big baits and scale everything up because I’m here to catch big fish, not to catch a limit of fish. It’s quality over quantity here.”

3. “Familiarize yourself with the weather in the area,” he says. “You don’t only want to know the current conditions, but the conditions prior as well to develop and predict the pattern for the day.”

Lane, a longtime member of the Power-Pole team, relies on the company’s shallow water anchors to juice up his catches and is still finding new uses for the equipment.

“I’ve been with Power-Pole since Day One, and there’s almost endless possibilities on how to use it,” he says. “I run the 8-foot Blades for anything from positioning and holding a spot, to pulling up to the dock and sticking ’em in to jump out and grab something from the truck. I don’t have to rope off or waste time anchoring. It helps me get in and out of the boat quickly, or effortlessly keeps me locked on a spot.”

Regarding deploying the “Power Pole” for stealth, Lane offers this advice: “Many people think the noise is an issue. All you have to do is put them on a lower speed, and they are as silent as a mouse. I always drop them down super slow so as not to spook the fish. There’s no doubt, the Power-Pole allows me to put more fish in the boat.”

And like any serious angler, Lane has one specific ritual he carries out before any tournament he fishes.

“I always call my mother and father before every event, and I mean always,” he says. “I’ve never missed a morning to call them, and it doesn’t matter where they are, where I am, or what time of day it is — I always talk to them.”

Good advice, Bobby — no matter what your endeavor.