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Power-Pole - The Green Marine Initiative

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Power-Pole shallow water anchors are designed and built to be environmentally friendly, with thoughtful precaution taken to limit the disturbance of the marine habitat. When fishing, part of the idea of deploying the anchor is to have minimal detrimental influence or impact on coral reefs, oyster beds, grass flats or clam beds — in other words, to maintain the natural integrity of the surrounding aquatic ecosystem. While standard anchors rub along the bottom, creating ditches and divots while scraping marine life off the floor of a body of water, the impact of a Power-Pole shallow water anchor is virtually non-existent — all that’s left from deployment is a simple, small hole in the water feature’s floor, much like what’s left by a bonefish sucking up a shrimp. Featuring the flexible Everflex spike design, Power-Pole shallow water anchors allow drifting boats to stop quickly once the anchor is deployed, with very little dragging or rubbing along the seafloor or lake bottom, keeping the boat in place regardless of the water or weather conditions.

May 21, 2018 7:59:50 PM

In the same ecologically friendly vein, hydraulic maintenance of the shallow water anchor is easily accomplished with 100% biodegradable Green Marine ISO-32 hydraulic fluid, which can also be used for jack plates, trim tabs, hatch lifters, and inboard/outboard tilt and trim, along with a bevy of other boat-related uses. If an accidental spill occurs, the biodegradable fluid reaches complete dissipation in 28 days, causing no harm to marine life. And for a bonus, even the Green Marine plastic bottle is made from recycled materials!

May 21, 2018 10:02:03 PM

Power-Pole supports and promotes marine conservation.

“It’s our mission to enhance the fishing experience — and creating products that don’t harm the life in the waters we fish is a part of that,” said Robert Shamblin, Vice President of Power-Pole®. “The reason we fish is because we love the environment we fish in, regardless of where you are or what you’re fishing. We’re proud to say that our products don’t disturb the environment, and we encourage anglers and other businesses to join us in this effort.”

For more information on Green Marine 100% Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid visit GreenYourBoat.com.