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Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors - The Best Anchor For Pontoon Boats

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“One of the main advantages of the Power-Pole shallow water anchor is when docking, the anchor allows you to keep the boat off the dock without having to use a secondary anchor rope to secure the boat,” says Dan Benson, National Sales Director at Power-Pole. “With a simple push of a button, the pole holds you steady right at the dock, and you just safely step off the boat.”

Any pontoon captain knows the aggravating situation — you’re out with family or friends for some fun in the sun, pull up to a sandbar or island, then begin the process of fumbling around with the fore and aft anchors, trying to position the boat and adjust the two anchor lines to set yourself. Forget all of that. Instead, simply hit a button, and deploy the Power-Pole shallow water anchor down, and stop the boat wherever you want to set up shop.

“There’s no need to fight the front and back anchor systems for 20 minutes,” Benson says. “The easy deployment of the pole gives you peace of mind and puts you at ease to continue on with the good times. Power-Pole usage on pontoons is built around giving you the most time to have fun with no hassle.”

Don’t worry about custom fitting a Power-Pole shallow water anchor onto a pontoon, either. Installation is a cinch. Power-Pole makes specially designed Pontoon Brackets to fit any and all types of pontoons, and they come in a variety of drop-length and top-length sizes for the perfect fit.

And, with the pontoon boats, it’s not just all about partying.

“Pontoon boaters get all the usual angling benefits of the Power-Pole shallow water anchor, whether anchoring off a weed patch or ledge, simply stopping on a good spot to make some well-placed casts, or deploying the pole in silence so as not to spook the fish,” Benson says. “The stress-relieving benefits of the Power-Pole on pontoon boats is key. It’s made to make your day on the water that much more enjoyable.”

Have a great season on the water!

Jim Sizemore 1 years ago at 12:47 AM
How much and where do I buy it ?