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Kayak Fishing With the Micro Driver and Spike

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“Fishing-wise, the Micro Driver and Spike help immensely from a kayak angler’s perspective,” Deshauteurs said. “When largemouth bass are on the spawn, it’s important to pole down and set up in the right position to make the targeted casts. You need to stay on point to present the baits long enough to get through the males and for the larger female bass to finally be convinced to hit. You absolutely need that stationary platform to ensure you hit those pinpoint casts over and over each time.”

Saltwater kayakers gain the upper hand when chasing redfish on the flats.

“Tailing reds are skittish and on the move, and a regular ol’ chain-and-rope setup clinks and clanks alongside the kayak material as it’s deployed, spooking the fish,” Deshauters said. “The silence of the Spike is needed on such a small craft, and it’s essential to close the deal on fish.”

When following reds in the kayak, Deshauteurs incorporates a stalking mentality with the Spike.

“I follow the moving reds, tapping a button to pole up and pole down and always maintaining eye contact with tailers,” he said. “I can move on them immediately as they tail away, without having to haul in an anchor line. Basically, I become a movable push pole, sublime and stealthy.”

Kayakers aren’t limited to shallow waters with the Micro Driver, either. Contrary to that thought, the 8-foot Ultra-lite Spike can also be used for deepwater applications.

“When we fish smallmouth tournaments where waters can be 35 feet deep, one kayak ties up to the buoy to stabilize us, then I put the pole down and we tie the other kayakers off to my Power-Pole like a daisy chain, where we can all fish the water column staying put,” adds Deshauteurs.

Safety-oriented applications factor into the Spike’s capabilities in a big way, as well.

“When weekend warriors are blazing about throwing wakes in speedboats, kayakers have to stay ultra-aware to pull up the pole to get out of the way of the wake. After the wakes have passed, I put the pole down again to ground myself,” Deshauteurs said. “Another safety application is helpful when wildlife is crossing an area I’m fishing. I fish a lot of bayous and rivers, and when I see an alligator sliding in off the banks, I want to keep an eye on him. I power down the Spike to see where they slip in and watch where the air bubbles are to track them. The Spike gives me real peace of mind.”

The Micro Spike Driver Unit works with the Power-Pole Ultra-lite Spike which comes in 6- and 8-foot lengths. The equipment is comprised of sound-deadening composites for super-quiet operation, and units include a wireless remote control, adjustable mounting bracket and quick-release cord for kayak anglers.