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"C Monster 101" - The Brains Behind Your Power-Pole Anchors

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Jan 5, 2018 6:19:22 PM

What is C-Monster Control System?

The inventors of Power-Pole anchors were looking for a fast, robust communication system to wirelessly control their anchors – putting an end to the days of cumbersome wires. There were systems on the market, but they had their limitations. None were durable enough and fast enough to fit the needs for the marine lifestyle. So the masterminds of the Power-Pole anchors invented C-Monster Control System. By definition, C-Monster is a propriety wireless protocol, specifically designed for the marine industry. But in short, it is the “brains behind your best catches” allowing you to wirelessly control your Power-Pole anchors and boat accessories.

C-Monster puts the power in your Power-Pole anchor

The Power-Pole shallow water anchor is designed to keep your boat quietly stabilized on the water, providing you the opportunity to catch more fish.

Thanks to the advanced technology of C-Monster Control System, Power-Pole anchors deploy at the simple touch of a button. In a matter of seconds, the hinged arm quietly extends down and away from the boat’s transom while the anchor’s hydraulic pump drives the lightweight pole – up to 10 feet in length – into the shallow water bottom to hold the boat in place.

The Power-Pole anchor is durable and strong and can anchor your boat in even the most vigorous conditions. Unlike clunky anchors, Power-Pole anchors are engineered to be nearly silent in operation so you have the best chance to catch your favorite fish without spooking them or the boat swaying away from your cover.

Regardless of how, where and what you are fishing in the shallow waters, you an trust that Power-Pole anchors will quickly and quietly anchor you so you can concentrate on what matters most – fish.

But the swift, silent and secure functionality of the Power-Pole anchor wouldn’t be made possible without the C-Monster Control System.

C-Monster puts you in control

You know how they say communication is key? Think of C-Monster as the translator that communicates exactly what you want your Power-Pole anchor to do.

Unlike Bluetooth, Wifi and other systems, C-Monster has 2-way communication, which gives you ultimate control. It communicates every move of your Power-Pole anchors to and from your wireless remotes and switches.

All Power-Pole anchors are equipped with a two-button key-fob remote control to drop or lift your anchor the easiest way possible. Or you can operate your Power-Pole anchors with the advanced wireless dash switch that can be placed on your dash or anywhere on your boat. This dash switch can control multiple anchors with three speed settings: maximum, medium and stealth. When your hands are full there is also an easy-to-use, waterproof foot switch to help you “Power-Pole down” in the heat of the moment – which is especially useful for bass fishermen.

Jan 5, 2018 6:32:55 PMC-Monster App

The C-Monster App, for both iPhone and Android users, is something that every Power-Pole anchor owner should be familiar with and utilize, putting you in even more control.

When you purchase your Power-Pole shallow water anchor, the pumps are pre-programmed for every type of anchor model, providing optimum and consistent performance in all fishing conditions. Therefore, when you download and register your Power-Pole anchors on the app, you have access to many different features allowing you to customize your anchor to your own, personal angling style or even for a specific fishing trip.

Another feature on the app is instant diagnostic for troubleshooting with AMP streaming, where your information will be sent to tech support so they can see instantly what is happening with no down time. Using the RSSI evaluation feature, you can check the remote’s signal strength, or to see if any other devices are interrupting your signal.

C-Monster 2.0

In 2017, the operating system was upgraded to C-Monster 2.0, enhancing your Power-Pole speed and performance in all fishing applications. C-Monster 2.0 features a stronger RF signal (C Monster 2.0 features 900mz vs. C-Monster 1.0 at 400mz) so you can use your controllers from a longer range. Also, the two-way communication between the hydraulic pump (which drives your pole) and controllers are now ten times faster than before.

The power of C-Monster 2.0 gives you lightning fast communication to improve performance and to provide enhanced durability for even the most skilled fishermen.

C-Monster 2.0 is automatically available in all new 2017 Power-Pole anchors and accessories. Because C-Monster 2.0 is so advanced, operating on an enhanced signal speed and strength, your existing Power-Pole anchors that operate with C-Monster 1.0 cannot be updated to C-Monster 2.0 and will not communicate with C-Monster 2.0 equipped products.

The C-Monster Control System is the most efficient and beneficial marine operating system on the market. And now that you have knowledge on this unbelievably useful technology system, you can rely on your current Power-Pole anchors or make the switch to maximize all of your possibilities on the water. It’s time to take your boat control to the next level with C-Monster Control System.