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Angler Profile – Dean Rojas

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Rojas and Power-Pole also go way back. He was the first angler to use Power-Pole on the tour in 2002, and he hasn’t stopped since.

“I used the little 4-footer Sportsman, and even back then it was a game changer,” Rojas said. “Now, the innovations of Power-Pole have completely revolutionized shallow-water anchors for fishing.”

Rojas shared more about himself and his thoughts on the Power-Pole anchors in a short Q&A session — read on to learn more:

How do you utilize the Power-Pole anchor effectively?

On windy days, or when there is a heavy drift, Power-Pole shallow-water anchor, enables me to stop the boat from getting pushed in the feeding zone where I'm casting. I set the Power-Pole anchors down and effectively and efficiently target the exact spots I want to fish. It means more casts and a stealthy approach, and I can fish slower and more methodically to find the big fish.

What’s the major advantage of Power-Pole products?

Power-Pole products are only limited by how creative you want to be with them. There are so many options to be creative — whether used to control drift on tight spots, slowing me down offshore on big, windy lakes, angling the drift paddles to work a weedline perfectly, or to simply put the Power-Pole shallow-water anchors down to work an area to its fullest. Use your imagination and come up with some new uses.

You injured your wrist last year, how did you bounce back?

I had to learn how to cast left-handed — it didn’t stop me. Now, when my right hand gets tired from casting for hours, I can switch up to my left hand and not lose any skill. It was a great turnaround for me to take a negative and turn it into a positive that will help my game.

What’s your main goal for the near future?

My main goal is to become a more consistent angler and, of course, to be grand champion.

Any hobbies outside of fishing?

I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids. If I had to say other pursuits outside of fishing, it would be off-roading and golf. And when I’m not competing or training for the tournament, I actually love to go fun fishing for bass. So I guess when I’m not fishing, I’m still fishing.