What are the differences between the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor models?

*Note* All Power-Pole® shallow water anchors come complete with everything necessary for a transom mount installation.

The differences between each series can include the finish, the hardware used in construction, pump speed (deployment time), colors and sizes offered, as well as the warranty terms and details.

What colors are available for the Power-Pole® shallow water anchors?

Power-Pole® shallow water anchors are available in the following colors:

  • The Pro Series is offered in white and black powder coated finish.
  • The Sportsman II is offered in a powder coated black finish.
  • The Blade Series is offered in a white, black, blue or red powder coated finish.

Do I have to use an Adapter Plate to mount my Power-Pole® anchor?

All Power-Pole® models include all hardware for a transom mount. However, many boats cannot accommodate a transom mount. For boats that do not accommodate a transom mount, we offer a complete line of adapter plates that will fit virtually any boat/jack-plate combination

How do I decide which Adapter Plate is right for my boat?

Contact your local dealer, use our Find My Adapter guide or call our Tech support hotline at (813) 689-9932 to determine what adapter plate will work best for you.

How much does an install normally cost?

Price for installation varies from dealer to dealer and boat to boat, so we recommend calling your local dealer for installation pricing.Find a dealer near you here.

Can I install the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor myself?

Yes, however you must possess the skills and tools necessary to complete the installation properly. Therefore, we strongly recommend having your Power-Pole® shallow water anchor installed by an authorized dealer.

What size boat can the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor be mounted on?

Boats of up to 28’ in length and 4500lbs

What accessories are available for my Power-Pole® shallow water anchor?

Please visit the accessories page of our website for an up to date complete list.

Can I operate two Power-Pole anchors off a single pump?

As the manufacturer, we recommend the use of independent pump systems with each Power-Pole anchor. Following are some reasons:

  1. Dual Power-Pole anchors will not deploy at the same time and/or same rate using one pump.
  2. The relief valves will not function according to the intended design of the Power-Pole anchor and may cause a mechanical failure when using only one pump system.
  3. Many features of our 2012 and newer models will not be functional when a single pump is used to operate dual Power-Pole anchors.

Furthermore, since damage is quite possible using one pump with two Power-Pole anchors, doing so will void all warranties. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our technical support staff at 813-689-9932 Opt. 2.

I need more hydraulic fluid. Where can I purchase your hydraulic fluid?

We suggest you use Green Marine which is a non-toxic and biodegradable fluid. Green Marine can be purchased through any of our authorized dealers or here on our website. As an alternative, any ISO32 hydraulic fluid or SAE10 oil can be used.

Is there an easy way to compare the differences between Power-Pole anchors?

Yes. Simply go to the product page for the anchor you are interested in, then click the COMPARE button under the price. On the Product Comparison Page you can add other anchors and see a direct comparison of the features for each.