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Power-Pole Anglers Dominate 2018 Tournament Season

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From the prestigious Bassmaster Classic and the Elite Series to FLW and all the local club events, anglers using Power-Pole shallow water anchors dominated the leaderboards.

Here are the results!

Bassmaster Classic — Champion

- Jordan Lee

Bassmaster Elite Series — Champions

- Takahiro Omori

- Jordan Lee

- Greg Hackney

- Wesley Strader

- Ish Monroe

- Mark Daniels Jr.

- Josh Bertrand

- James Elam

- Drew Benton

Bassmaster Opens — Champions

- Bobby Lane

- Stephen Browning

- Harvey Horne

- Wesley Strader

- Patrick Walters

- Jared Lintner

FLW Forrest Wood Cup — Champion

- Clent Davis

FLW Tour — Champions

- Tim Frederick

- Chris Johnston

- Bradley Hallman

- Bryan Thrift

- David Williams

- Jason Lambert

- Chad Grigsby

Costa FLW Series Championship — Champion

- Kyle Walters

Costa FLW Series — Champions

- Hensley Powell

- Jake Lawrence

- Jeremy Lawyer

- Ron Nelson

- Kyle Hall

- Ronnie McCoy

- Christopher Jones

- Tommy Dickerson

When it comes to total boat control, durability and service after the sale, Power-Pole shallow water anchors give you the advantage needed to catch more fish and win.

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We would like to thank all of our loyal Power-Pole anglers for choosing our products, and we wish all of you the best of luck during the 2019 season.

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Good fishing — and Power-Pole down!