C-Monster Firmware Update Utility

C-Monster Control System

The latest C-Monster operating system firmware includes many new enhancements and features that add superior performance and increased functionality to Power-Pole anchors. Some of these new features include:

  • Improved hibernation
  • Improved bottom sensing
  • Improved response time
  • Remote functionality
  • Performance

All existing Power-Pole anchors with C-Monster operating systems can be quickly and easily updated utilizing one of the two methods below.

  1. Power-Pole C-Monster app for Android phones: Download the latest C-Monster app from the Google Play Store and update the firmware when prompted to do so.
  2. Windows Utility: Update firmware using a mini-USB connection to a laptop computer running the C-Monster Update Utility. This will be the only available option for updating the Sportsman II model or if you do not have a device with an Android operating system.

Why should you update your firmware?

The C-Monster operating system firmware is regularly updated to address operating issues as well as to add new features that add functionality to your Power-Pole shallow water anchor. Keeping your firmware updated insures that you have the latest and greatest tools to get the most out of your shallow water anchor. Update and conquer!


C-Monster Update Utility
Update Utility Instructions

v1.15 Changeset - Released 7/9/2013

Feature Description
Hibernation feature enhanced When in hibernation mode the green light will no longer flash and the unit does not look for a signal as often. Wake the unit up by depressing any button or moving the boat.
Auto UP and Auto DOWN upgrades Bottom sensing improvements, no continuous operation once deployed or retracted and the auto command is issued again, compensates for long tubing installations.
Key FOB speed adjustment Two button key fob can now be adjusted through the App and the topside motor can switch on top of the pump.
Motor Startup Much quicker and consistent startup.
Sounds have been added Audible beeps can be heard during startup, when settings are changed or when the unit is brought out of hibernation mode.
Temperature Sensor fix The unit will no longer give a red light or “overheated condition” when the unit is below 32 degrees F.
Topside motor can switch adjustments Key fob speed, Sensitivity UP & Sensitivity DOWN and pump orientation can now be adjusted through the topside motor can switch. (see “Can switch functions”)
C-Monster diagnostics Stream voltage and motor amperage right to your smart phone through the C-Monster App or create a diagnostic report to be emailed directly to Tech Support.
Controller communication Signal to the unit from the controllers is greatly improved, particularly in scenarios with a lot of interference.