Two avid fishermen catching a nice fish using a Sportsman Series II Power-Pole anchor

Sportsman Series

Power-Pole Sportsman II in Matte Black (8ft)

Sportsman II 8

complete system

Your fishing time is limited. Make every second count..

This shallow water anchor deploys swiftly and silently while holding securely on any kind of bottom – allowing you to make the most of your fishing time. The Sportsman II is lightweight, durable and designed to offer years of flawless operation. Built with the latest marine technology, this model is easy to install, allowing you to be on the water and fishing in no time. It’s time to discover the confidence that comes owning a Power-Pole, the first and only name in shallow water anchoring.

  • 8 foot model
  • Fast deployment
  • Quietest pump
  • Includes wireless remote
  • Dual system ready
  • Anodized finish

Sportsman Series II Specifications

Boat Size:
Up to 28 ft or 4500 lbs
Deployment time:
3 speed settings
Deployment depth:
8 feet deep
Retracted height:
55 in (from bottom of stern bracket to top of knuckle)
Stern bracket footprint:
5 in W x 6 in H
Weight on transom:
8ft – 19.35 lbs.
Total weight:
8ft – 27.35 lbs.
Power supply:
12V – Brushless motor high volume pump
Operating system:
C-Monster control system
Anodized matte black
Battery life:
1,200 cycles per charge (Estimated based on 55 Amp battery)
3-year warranty – mechanical parts
2-year warranty – electrical & hydraulics
Lifetime warranty – Everflex spike

Power-Pole Sportsman Series II

The Power-Pole Sportsman Series II is the base model with the C-Monster control system giving you full control of your boat at an entry level price.

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What is the Power-Pole Anchor?

The Power-Pole anchor is the original shallow water anchor that is Swift, Silent and Secure. The fishing anchor deploys in less than 5 seconds, it's quiet so it doesn't scare those spooky fish, and will stop your boat in shallow water up to 10 feet deep, even in strong currents.

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Benefits of a Power-Pole Anchor

The Power-Pole anchor has been known to change the way people fish. The Power-Pole anchor offers extreme performance, superior design and innovative technology - a reliable tool that can help you catch more, bigger fish for years to come!

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What the Pros Have to Say about the Power-Pole Anchor

The Power-Pole anchor has been known to change the way people fish. Weekend warrior and Pro anglers alike, you will love the benefits that come with using a Power-Pole anchor to secure your boat in shallow water.

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C-Monster Control System

The C-Monster Control System puts you in direct control of your shallow water anchor with the press of a button. From the advanced wireless dash switch, foot switch, and wireless remote - you can control your anchors however is most convenient at the time you need to anchor down and stop your boat.

  • Advanced Surface Mount Switch
  • Advanced Foot Switch
  • Advanced Key Fob Remote Control
  • C-Monster Smart Phone App
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Demonstration of the Wireless Dash Switch

Shaw Grigbsy and John Oliverio take a look at the Wireless Dash Switch that comes with the Power-Pole Blade Edition

  • Individual control your dual anchors
  • Offers Fast, Medium, Slow Speeds
  • Wireless Installation
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