Fisherman wields the power of the Blade Power-Pole anchor, catches largemouth bass.

Blade Edition

Power-Pole Blade in Black (10ft) and Red (8ft)

Blade 10

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Blade 8

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Signature Series Power-Pole Anchor - Blade Edition

The fish will never know what hit them.

The ultimate in performance and craftsmanship, the Blade Edition allows you to stop faster and hold more securely – even in water up to 10 feet deep. This sleek, aerodynamic model also features an Everflex™ spike that’s nearly indestructible and folds neatly into the pocket design, adding style and versatile functionality to any high performance boat. A productive day on the water is all about giving yourself an advantage over the fish – with equipment that’s been tested tough and refined to offer years of flawless performance.

  • 8 and 10 foot models
  • Strongest hold
  • Fastest deployment
  • Quiet pump
  • Includes wireless remote
  • Bluetooth®
  • Free phone app
  • Dual system ready
  • Powder coated finish
Color Choices - Black, White, Red, Blue Spike - UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY

Blade 10

complete system
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Blade 8

complete system
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Blade Specifications

Boat Size:
Up to 28 ft or 4500 lbs
Deployment time:
3 speed settings
Deployment depth:
10 and 8 feet deep
Retracted height:
10ft-68 in 8ft-55 in (from bottom of stern bracket to top of knuckle)
Stern bracket footprint:
5 in W x 6 in H
Weight on transom:
10ft – 27.7 lbs. 8ft – 22.9 lbs.
Total weight:
10ft – 35.7 lbs. 8ft – 30.9 lbs.
Power supply:
12V – Brushless motor high volume pump
Operating system:
C-Monster control system
5-layer Powder Coated
Battery life:
1,200 cycles per charge (Estimated based on 55 Amp battery)
5-year warranty – mechanical parts
2-year warranty – electrical & hydraulics
Lifetime warranty – Everflex spike

Power-Pole Blade Edition

The Power-Pole Blade Edition offers a lot of new cool capabilities including the all new C-Monster control system, the ability to go 10 feet deep, more!

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What is the Power-Pole Anchor?

The Power-Pole anchor is the original shallow water anchor that is Swift, Silent and Secure. The fishing anchor deploys in less than 5 seconds, it's quiet so it doesn't scare those spooky fish, and will stop your boat in shallow water up to 10 feet deep, even in strong currents.

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Benefits of a Power-Pole Anchor

The Power-Pole anchor has been known to change the way people fish. The Power-Pole anchor offers extreme performance, superior design and innovative technology - a reliable tool that can help you catch more, bigger fish for years to come!

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What the Pros Have to Say about the Power-Pole Anchor

The Power-Pole anchor has been known to change the way people fish. Weekend warrior and Pro anglers alike, you will love the benefits that come with using a Power-Pole anchor to secure your boat in shallow water.

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C-Monster Control System

The C-Monster Control System puts you in direct control of your shallow water anchor with the press of a button. From the advanced wireless dash switch, foot switch, and wireless remote - you can control your anchors however is most convenient at the time you need to anchor down and stop your boat.

  • Advanced Surface Mount Switch
  • Advanced Foot Switch
  • Advanced Key Fob Remote Control
  • C-Monster Smart Phone App
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Demonstration of the Wireless Dash Switch

Shaw Grigbsy and John Oliverio take a look at the Wireless Dash Switch that comes with the Power-Pole Blade Edition

  • Individual control your dual anchors
  • Offers Fast, Medium, Slow Speeds
  • Wireless Installation
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