Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

return to topHow do I become an authorized Power-Pole® dealer?

Becoming a dealer is very easy for those businesses that qualify. Please create an account and complete our dealer application.

return to topWhat are the requirements to be a Power-Pole® dealer?

Qualifying businesses are marine dealers having a retail location and showroom, as well as the ability to service customers and properly represent JL Marine Systems, Inc.

return to topIs there a minimum opening order?

We have no minimum order requirements.

return to topDo I have to purchase a minimum volume annually?

We ask that dealers purchase a minimum of two (2) shallow water anchors per calendar year.

return to topHow do you ship?

We ship via FedEx Ground as a standard service. Other shipping methods are available. Please contact your sales associate for options and cost.

return to topDo you have POS materials?

We have a number of POS different materials available include catalogs, brochures, counter-top brochure displays, banners, etc. We also have 36" and 48" Power-Pole® end cap displays and a 4-sided mobile Power-Pole® display unit as well. Please call your sales associate for details.

return to topWhere is my invoice?

A As of January 1st 2011 we are paperless! Orders, Invoices, Statements and other business related documents will be sent to the e-mail address(s) specified by you. Please contact us if you need to make changes to your account. You can also retrieve these documents by logging on to your account at Power-Pole®.com.

return to topWhat is my tracking number(s)?

Whenever we ship a complete or partial order, we send you an e-mail with all tracking numbers so that you can simply click and track your shipment. Multiple e-mail addresses can be included. Please contact us to make changes to your account. Tracking numbers are also available by logging on to your dealer account at Power-Pole®.com